Rights matter - The Paragraph

1,700 kr

The Paragraph is the second subject in the series "Right smatter" A series of signed prints with strong, visual messages that convey human rights.

Format 50 x 50 cm.
Printed at Hahnemuhle Studio Book & Decor 240 grams
Available in 30 copies.

Illustrator: Kari Modén
Supplied in cardboard tubes. VAT and shipping are included in the price.
30% of the sales price goes to the association's work to spread the UN Human Rights, the Women's Convention and the Convention on the Rights of the Child worldwide.


my human rights

Rights matter – art that takes a stand for human rights

Rights matter is a series of motifs with strong, visual messages that can be understood regardless of language or cultural background. The concept is a collaboration between the association My Human Rights and illustrator Kari Modén. When rights are visualized, given form, they become accessible and attractive. This is the foundation of My Human Rights' work to spread knowledge about human rights around the world.