My Human Rights produces educational materials based on the UN Declaration on Human Rights, the UN Women’s Convention and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The materials are understandable and easy to use for anyone who works to educate or disseminate information about human rights.

I Am A Child. I Have Rights

I Am A Child. I Have Rights is a simple and fun way to learn about children’s rights.
The material is made up of 70 cards that represent the rights-based articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child – that is, the first 41 articles. Each card presents a particular article in the form of an inspiring, self-affirming statement. The front of each card has a short text and reference to the relevant article. The back of the card includes more in-depth information. All the cards have been fact-checked by experts.
The material also includes a user manual with suggestions for how to work pedagogically with the cards, including value-based exercises for both small and larger groups.
The material is appropriate for anyone working with children, or who makes decisions that impact children’s lives: teachers, psychologists, social workers, politicians, or any other group that have a responsibility to know and apply the Convention in their work.
The material is available in Swedish and English.


Ten articles from the Convention on the Rights of the Child are available as posters: colorful and decorative, with an important message. They work just as well in the nursery as in pre-school, in school – in short, anywhere where children and young people spend time. 

My Human Rights

My Human Rights is a tool for those who work with spreading knowledge and awareness of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the women’s convention. The material includes a box of 61 beautifully designed cards that explain the different articles and what they entail, in a concrete, simple, self-affirming way. The cards represent the 29 articles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the 16 articles of the UN women’s convention, which determines women’s rights within a number of different areas. The cards describe each right as it impacts me as an individual.
The cards give information ¬– but also strength and inspiration. The short, simple texts can also be used for language practice.
The cards come with a 24-page user manual that includes suggestions for how to work with value-based exercises in both large and small groups, as well as background information on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the women’s convention.
The material is available in Swedish, English, and Arabic.

A Quick Guide to Children’s Rights

A Quick Guide to Children’s Rights is made for those who work as administrators of financial assistance with Social Services.

The aim of the material is to support you in using a children’s right perspective in your work. Our ambition also is to provide guidance in ways to implement a children’s rights perspective throughout Social Services. The material includes fifteen articles from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The material was developed in collaboration with KNUT, Kommunalt Nätverk för Utveckling (Municipal network for development), which is a partnership between four municipalities (Nynäshanm, Salem, Sundbyberg, and Södertälje). 

The box includes 16 cards, based on 15 articles, as well as an informational manual and a series of questions for discussion. 

The rights of the child.

Child rights perspective based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child in the Swedish Prison and Probation Service – Kriminalvården.

An educational material aimed at providing staff within the Prison and Probation Service support to integrate a child rights perspective in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child in its work. The Prison and Probation Service’s goal is for all employees to have basic knowledge of child rights issues on the basis of the convention on the Rights of the Child and to be able to translate the child’s best interest. The material is produced in collaboration with the Prison and Probation Service, Kriminalvården, the section for education development.

Strengthen your brand – give the gift of human rights

Order your own edition of My Human Rights or I Am A Child. I Have Rights. In the box, we will produce an extra card with your logo and a message from your business or organization. The box will also carry your logo. A gift that builds your brand, strengthens your company culture and deepens relations with coworkers and clients. Minimum order: 300 sets.

Human rights in more languages

All people, men, women and children need to know their human rights. Our aim is to translate our materials into as many languages as possible. If you want to contribute to translation support, please contact us.